Scientific Program

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Main topics

The six main topics for the ICP2020TURKU will cover recent advances in these fields of modern polyphenol research:

• Structure, reactivity & synthesis
• Bioactivity & bioavailability
• Metabolomics, targeted analysis & big data
• Quality control & standardization
• Biogenesis and functions in plants & ecosystems
• Biomaterials & applied sciences

14 Invited Plenary Talks

The Scientific Committee has invited two plenary talks per each scientific topic. In addition, there will be two plenary talks: the Opening Lecture and the one given by the winner of the GP Scientific Prize. The invited plenaries are given by:

Structure, reactivity & synthesis
Prof. Toshiyuki Kan
Prof. Jean-Philip Lumb

Bioactivity & bioavailability
Prof. Claudia Nunes dos Santos
Prof. Patricia Oteiza

Metabolomics, targeted analysis & big data
Prof. Fulvio Mattivi
Dr. Justin van der Hooft

Quality control & standardization
Prof. Jess Reed
Dr. Jara Pérez-Jiménez

Biogenesis and functions in plants & ecosystems
Prof. Cathie Martin
Prof. Teemu Teeri

Biomaterials & applied sciences
Prof. Helene Fulcrand
Prof. Frank Caruso

The program includes plenary & regular talks and poster sessions

In addition to the plenary talks, the Scientific Committee will invite over 60 talks on the basis of the 1-page abstracts that are to be submitted at the latest 31 January 2020. All the other participants have the possibility to present their findings in the form of a scientific poster during the separate poster sessions.

Special emphasis on young scientists

The ICP2020TURKU will have separate young scientists sessions aimed at PhD students and postdocs to enhance their possibilities to have oral presentations in an international conference. In addition, PhD students selected by the Scientific Committee can do a rapid 2-min teaser presentation of the main findings of their posters already during the main sessions of the Conference.

”How do you reach your peace of mind: by being isolated from people, by sitting in peace with a friend or by being surrounded by people at the market square? We are all different and that’s why the ICP2020TURKU offers you multiple aspects of polyphenol science. We all cannot love just plain tannin chemistry, can we? :)”