9.2.2021 The 5th Announcement of the ICP2020TURKU was released.

25.1.2021 The registration for the conference was opened.

22.12.2020 The 4th Announcement of the ICP2020TURKU was released.

4.12.2020 The Board of the Groupe Polyphénols met in Zoom to decide that the ICP2020TURKU will be fully virtual and also highly successful!

24.3.2020 The ICP2020TURKU was postponed unti 12-15 July 2021 due to COVID-19.

21.1.2020 The 3rd Announcement of the ICP2020TURKU was released.

17.1.2020 The registration for the conference was opened.

22.12.2019 The preliminary schedule for the ICP2020TURKU was published. It is subject to minor changes. Especially the number of the parallel sessions for the young scientists can be increased, depending on demand.

29.11.2019 The Board of the Groupe Polyphénols met in Paris, France to discuss on the current status of the organization of the ICP2020TURKU.

31.10.2019 The 2nd Announcement of the ICP2020TURKU was released.

31.10.2019 The abstract submission was opened for the 1-page abstracts. Read the instructions here.

31.10.2019 The invitation to exhibition for ICP2020TURKU partners or exhibitors was released.

10.7.2019 The 1st Announcement of the ICP2020TURKU was released.

7.6.2019 The Board of the Groupe Polyphénols met in Lisbon, Portugal to see that the organization activities of the ICP2020TURKU are well on track.

19.3.2019 The National Organizing Committee met to decide the registration fees and to plan all the practical issues related to the early organization activities of the ICP2020TURKU.

16.11.2018 The new topics for the ICP2020TURKU were decided by the Groupe Polyphénols Board. At the same it was decided that the congress will last for four days as that has been one of the wishes by the previous ICP participants. The number of talks will remain the same as previously, since ICP2020TURKU will offer more possibilities for oral presentations to young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) in parallel sessions during Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

14.11.2018 The ICP2020TURKU logo was launched today. Design by Juha Harju (

16.7.2018 The ICP2018 is currently being held in Madison, WI, USA (

16.7.2018 The ICP2020TURKU logo is under construction. Send your ideas and suggestions for a new logo before September 2018 and win a free registration for one PhD student at the ICP2020TURKU.

16.7.2018 The free pre-registration to ICP2020TURKU is now opened. To receive all the relevant updates automatically, simply send an email to This does not mean email spamming, just the relevant updates.

16.7.2018 The Scientific Committee will decide all the themes and plenary talks, but you are free to make suggestions, especially if you feel that some specific field of polyphenol research has been neglected in the past ICPs or if some emerging field should be taken better into account. Send your suggestions to before September 2018.

4.6.2018 The Groupe Polyphénols Board decided that the XXX ICP will be held in Turku, Finland! The Natural Chemistry Research Group ( is excited and honoured by this unique possibility given to us. Let’s start constructing a succesful conference! Kippis to polyphenols :).

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