Abstract submitters have received abstract acceptance information on 15 April 

(In case you have not received the information message, please contact

On the acceptance message the submitters with an accepted abstract have received the link to access their original 1 page submission to update it to a 2 page manuscript.

Writing instructions for the Communications manuscript

The manuscript text must include the following sections (max character numbers per each section):

MAIN CONCLUSION (max 500 characters)

INTRODUCTION (max 2000 characters)

MATERIALS & METHODS (max 1000 characters)

RESULTS & DISCUSSION: (max 2000 characters)

NOTE: Figures do not count to the character numbers, but the manuscript length should be kept at approx. 2 pages. Typically one (1) figure may be added, two (2) being the maximum number (in this case both figures should be small).  

REFERENCES: 300 (max 300 character), using the following type of referencing technique:

[1] Salminen, J.-P. 2018. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66: 9162–9171.

[2] Kim, J.; Pälijärvi, M.; Karonen, M.; Salminen, J.-P. 2020. Phytochemistry 179: 112501.

[3] Karonen, M.; Imran, I.; Engström, M.T.; Salminen, J.-P. 2021. Molecules 26: 1873.

Please fill in these sections into the assigned text boxes on the submission form.

Poster abstracts submission still open for those who did not submit a 1 page abstract: 

In case you did not submit a 1 page abstract but wish to present a poster in the ICP2020 conference, you can still submit until May 31 using this link:

Please note that these late poster abstracts are directly submitted as 2 page manuscripts. You will be informed whether or not your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation by 7 June. Please note also: only 1 presentation is allowed per presenting author.

Abstracts are submitted via the Oxford Abstracts online submission system. Register in the Oxford Abstracts system before submitting the abstract. You may amend your submission until the final submission deadline 31 May 2021. 

If you have any questions, please contact

Your ICP2020TURKU contribution will be published as Polyphenols Communications with an ISSN number

Once your 1-page abstract has been accepted for oral or poster presentation, the submission system is opened for submission of your final 2-page manuscript that will be published in the proceedings series Polyphenols Communications. This series will have its unique ISSN number allowing the publications to be cited like any other publication.

You have an additional chance to publish your work after the conference in a dedicated issue of a scientific journal

After the conference each ICP2020TURKU participant have the chance to submit his/her scientific manuscript to be peer-reviewed and published in a dedicated issue of a scientific journal. The name of the journal or journals are announced later.

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