Contact the organizers for any questions, comments or further ideas

Contact the organizers for any questions, comments or further ideas. The XXX International Conference on Polyphenols is organized in collaboration by the following parties:

• Natural Chemistry Research Group ( led by prof. JP Salminen

• National Organizing Committee

• Prof. JP Salminen (University of Turku, the president of the committee)
• Prof. Victor de Freitas (President of the Groupe Polyphénols)
• Prof. Erika Salas (Secretary of the Groupe Polyphénols)
• Prof. Kristiina Wähälä (University of Helsinki)
• Prof. Stefan Willför (Åbo Akademi University)
• Prof. Pekka Saranpää (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
• Dr. Heiko Rischer (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
• Dr. Linda Fröberg-Niemi (Turku Science Park & Smart Chemistry Park)
• Dr. Maarit Karonen (University of Turku)
• Dr. Marica Engström (University of Turku)

• Scientific Committee (mainly the Board of Groupe Polyphénols)

• Prof. Victor de Freitas
• Prof. Kristiina Wähälä
• Prof. Juha-Pekka Salminen
• Dr. Sylvain Guyot
• Prof. Maria-Teresa Escribano
• Prof, Ann Hagerman
• Prof. Irene Mueller-Harvey
• Prof. Stéphane Quideau
• Prof. Jess Reed
• Dr. Denis Baron
• Prof. Olivier Dangles
• Dr. David Gang
• Dr. Erika Salas
• Prof. Peter Constabel
• Prof. Kazuhiko Fukushima
• Dr. Kevin Davies
• Dr. Catherine Cheze

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For registration and accommodation related questions, please email Aboa Congress and Event Services.

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