Social Program

The Welcome Reception is hold at 13 July

The City of Turku and its Mayor welcomes all conference participants to Turku. The Welcome Reception takes place at the University Hill 13 July just before the very first poster session.

The Gala Dinner is held in the medieval Turku Castle

Turku Castle is the oldest castle in Finland and one of the country’s national treasures that has stood guard over the mouth of the River Aura since the end of the 13th century. This medieval castle has been booked for the Gala Dinner activities at 15 July 2020. In addition to the dinner, we have the opportunity to participate the tour of the castle as well.

Lots of options for evening activities

We offer the conference participants lots of organized evening activities such as Aavameri Kayak Tours in the sea, Food Walk including 5 restaurants, and Museum Walk with entrance to 12 museums. Before or after the conference you can take a day trip to the island of Örö or the Herrankukkaro Day Trip. See Discover Turku for the options.

”The medieval Turku Castle is the oldest castle in Finland and the place for the Gala Dinner of the ICP2020TURKU. The Turku Cathedral is a good landmark during your walks by the river, in the event you do not know whether you are on this or that side of Turku (an old saying in Turku).”