Your ICP2020TURKU contribution will be published as Polyphenols Communications with an ISSN number

Each participant of the ICP2020TURKU have the possibility to include her/his most recent results on polyphenols in the proceedings series Polyphenols Communications that is published in both electronic and printed forms. The Polyphenols Communications will have its unique ISSN number allowing the publications to be cited like any other publication. The length of the Polyphenols Communications are typically 2 pages. The printed Polyphenol Communications will be delivered to all conference participants at the beginning of the ICP2020TURKU.

You have an additional chance to publish your work after the conference in a dedicated issue of a scientific journal

After the conference each ICP2020TURKU participant have the chance to submit his/her scientific manuscript to be peer-reviewed and published in a dedicated issue of a scientific journal. The name of the journal or journals are announced later.

The deadline for the 1-page abstract is 31 January 2020

All ICP2020TURKU participants need to submit a 1-page abstract of their polyphenol-related scientific findings to help the organizers decide who are given the chance to have oral or poster presentations. ICP2020TURKU will make a special effort in offering more possibilities to young scientists to have oral presentations in the specific sessions meant for PhD students and postdocs.  The 1-page abstracts are due in 31 January 2020.

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